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partition : /pɑːˈtɪʃən/


  1. a division into parts; separation

  2. something that separates, such as a large screen dividing a room in two

  3. a part or share

  4. a division of a country into two or more separate nations

  5. a division of property, esp realty, among joint owners

vb (transitive)

  1. (often followed by off) to separate or apportion into sections: to partition a room off with a large screen

Everyday is a different day at Partition WSC. Invisible partitions have created the boundaries between the workroom, showroom, and cafe. This small space has probably been used in such diverse ways due to the personality of the manager. The manager here is a person that will do anything from creating objects that fit perfectly in our hands to workshops without form and many other tasks and is someone who wants to focus on one task in each moment. Make sure to stop by if you want to divide your time, I will provide a partition that you may need.

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